Linked Data Summit

This March 16, a multi-state event took place at both Indiana Wesleyan University, Indianapolis North Campus and Lansing Community College, West Campus. Speakers and participants interacted in-person and remotely. The morning featured an overview and update in Lansing on the Library of Congress BIBFRAME pilot project, presented by Beacher Wiggins (Director for Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access, Library of Congress), and a presentation from Indianapolis delivered by Linked Data industry leader Zepheira new-window-icon.png on the implications for libraries.

Afternoon sessions included presentations from:

This summit was an opportunity for librarians to explore the possibilities of what a fully integrated Linked Data world means for libraries and our communities. This event also provided updates and presentations exploring what is already happening to make that possibility a reality.

Event Locations:
Indiana Wesleyan University, Indianapolis North Campus
Lansing Community College, West Campus

This program was approved for 5 Technology LEUs for Indiana library staff.

Linked Data Summit Presentation Slides:

Jeff Penka - Zepheira - Linked Data Summit.pdf

Beacher Wiggins - Library of Congress BIBFRAME presentation - Linked Data Summit.pptx power-point-icon.png

Robin Barton & Joshua Dean - MSU libraries - Linked Data presentation.pdf pdf-icon.png

Andrea Kappler - Evansville - Linked Data presentation.pdf pdf-icon.png

Wendy Knapp - ISL - Linked Data presentation.pdf pdf-icon.png

Debbi Schaubman & Shannon White - MCLS & LM - Linked Data presentation.pptx power-point-icon.png