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MCLS Indiana Grant Initiative

The MCLS Board of Directors offers a grant program to benefit Indiana member libraries, funded by the proceeds of the sale of the former INCOLSA building, which sold in 2014 for $250,000. We have made $50,000 available per year since 2015 for various competitive grants and scholarships. After a pause during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, this program is now in its final year (2022-2023). Non-member libraries may fill out an MCLS membership application to become eligible for these opportunities.

Current Grants

Bridging Information Literacy from School to College Using INSPIRE

An MCLS Collaborative Program for Indiana Schools and Academic Libraries and Their Students


School librarians, media specialists, and teachers teach important information literacy skills to K-12 students. As students progress from high school to college, academic librarians help them build on those skills, to foster academic success. Though students may encounter different information resources in high school and college, they all have access to a rich set of databases as Indiana residents via INSPIRE new-window-icon.png, provided by the Indiana State Library. Educators and librarians at all levels can and do use INSPIRE to teach information literacy principles.

Using grant funds from the sale of the former INCOLSA building in Indianapolis, and in collaboration with a group of Indiana academic and school librarians, MCLS has launched a program to support librarians and media specialists to create new information literacy materials that educators and librarians can use to teach students through INSPIRE. Our collaborative effort has several goals:

Program details

MCLS is offering funds for this program to:

Program timeline

Best practices for educational materials for this program include:

To get involved in this program:

We will send a monthly reminder to the Indiana library community until the funds for this program have been disbursed. Have questions? Please contact MCLS Executive Director Scott Garrison at garrisons@mcls.org.

Wellbeing Literacy 2021

MCLS has partnered with The Wellbeing Lab new-window-icon.png to support up to 21 Indiana libraries in increasing their wellbeing literacy. People who take this program are curious to learn the science of wellbeing and work on ways to apply it within their organizations and communities. The cohort will be made up of participants from various professions. This experience will be a great way to learn along with other library staff, as well as others outside libraries.

Through grant funds established by the MCLS Board of Directors from the proceeds of the sale of the former INCOLSA building, MCLS will:

  1. Award up to 21 Indiana libraries a one-year subscription to the PERMAH Wellbeing Survey new-window-icon.png. This tool allows individuals to measure their wellbeing and receive a customized report with evidence-based suggestions, making it an intervention in itself. You may choose to open the survey for your staff, with options for a community-wide version if you desire. The institutional benefits to a library are in the unique data used to design interventions that help people in the system increase wellbeing, learn, and grow. See a sample here: November MCLS report pdf-icon.png.
  2. Provide a scholarship for one staff person from each of the libraries selected to participate in the Certificate in Creating Wellbeing Program through The Wellbeing Lab. This program takes place over 12 weeks, involving weekly 90-minute evening coaching calls, plus 6 half-day deeper dives (three morning sessions over a Friday and Saturday, one weekend per month), and access to a content library with readings, videos, podcasts, and more. Participants receive an applied course in wellbeing science and a call-to-action to take what they are learning in their own lives, families, and work teams. The Program will begin April 30 and run for 12 weeks.

The Benefits for You and Your Library:

All in all, libraries have always believed in the transformative power of ideas. We believe wellbeing is a useful set of ideas that libraries can use to respond, recover, re-imagine, and rebuild systems that help communities rebound and address the inequities in access to information, healthcare, education, and economic opportunities that create stability and healing.  

It’s a tall order, but we believe this approach helps us to innovate, stay relevant and flourish.

Still have program questions?

Join us for:
A webinar with Louis Alloro from The Wellbeing Lab on Monday, March 1 at 1pm Eastern (noon Central) (Join link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88691232626?pwd=SlE4WWFvN1JVWmtWUy9WWUJuaVd3dz09 new-window-icon.png)


A Q&A session about this grant program on Friday, March 5 at 11am Eastern (10am Central) (Join link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86753978818?pwd=cXdXODcwTFVmcTNxYWV2dUh6YUUrdz09 new-window-icon.png, phone number for those calling in only: (408) 638-0968, Meeting ID: 867 5397 8818)

Scholarship Funding eligibility


The Application

Please fill out the online application by March 15 here:
https://www.michellemcquaid.com/thewellbeinglab/certificate-application-mcls/ new-window-icon.png

Grant Application Questions

Questions regarding the grant application should be sent to Pam Seabolt, MCLS Engagement, Consulting, and Training Manager at seaboltp@mcls.org or 517-489-4069.

Past Grants

Harwood Public Innovators Lab, Indianapolis, March 5-7, 2019

Small library strategic planning grant

Harwood/ALA Public Innovators Lab, October 19-21, 2016

Harwood Virtual Public Innovators Lab, June 23 - August 11, 2016

Indiana School Library Collection Development Mini-Grants

Harwood/ALA Public Innovators Lab, October 14-16, 2015