Purchasing FAQs

Why do you use fall full-time equivalent (FTE) instead of full-time enrollment?

Full-time equivalent (FTE) is a standard number calculation based on reported enrollment to the U.S. Department of Education and is the measurement requested by vendors and publishers. MCLS uses the fall full-time equivalent posted on the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System’s website new-window-icon.png for your institution. FTE is updated in our system annually. If you have more questions or want to update your FTE, contact us at

Where did you find our service population?

Service populations are reported to the Indiana State Library and Library of Michigan. MCLS uses the service populations posted on the Indiana State Library new-window-icon.png and Library of Michigan new-window-icon.png websites. Service populations are verified in our system annually. If you have more questions or want to update your service population, contact us at

Where did you find our bed count?

Bed counts are obtained from the American Hospital Directory new-window-icon.png. A list of data sources new-window-icon.png is available on their website. Bed counts are verified in our system annually. If you have more questions or want to update your bed count, contact us at

Where can I find title lists?

We upload title lists in ConsortiaManager with their associated products and journal agreements. If you cannot find the title list you need, contact us at

How do I get usage?

Usage statistics are provided by the vendors. If you are unsure of how to get them, contact us at or contact the individual vendor’s customer service department.

I’m interested in a product or vendor that I don’t see listed on your site.

We have more than 60 vendor partners and not all of their products are listed on our site. Please contact us and we’ll ask the vendor if we can offer the product in which you are interested. If you don’t see a vendor, we are always considering new partnerships. Contact us at and we’ll reach out to the suggested vendor see if they work with consortia.

How do I request a quote?

There are many ways to request a quote on our website. You can use the product search or find the product on the vendor's page. Each product listed on our site has a “request a quote” link. You may also email us at Please include the following information in your message:


MCLS charges a fee for subscriptions. Fees vary based on product type. MCLS is an independent non-profit organization, funded, primarily, by the fees paid by libraries for its services (consulting, membership, training, and subscriptions). For fee information for specific subscriptions, contact

I want to renew. How do I get my login information?

If you need your username or password for the MCLS renewal system, ConsortiaManager, or the MCLS portal, used for invoicing, contact us at or use the self-service page to retrieve your password.

I missed the deadline to renew my subscription, and I want to renew. What do I do now?

Contact us as soon as possible at or 517-939-1382 to let us know you wish to renew. We will process your renewal right away.

I have a purchase order (PO). Where do I send it?

POs can be emailed to

I have general questions regarding my subscriptions. Who do I contact?

For questions regarding subscriptions to products purchased through MCLS, contact our eLicensing and Collection Resources department at or 517-939-1382.

Where can I see a copy of the license agreement for my database?

License agreements can be downloaded from each vendor page on our website. You will find the link in the blue/gray box near the top of the page.

I downloaded a license agreement from MCLS’s website and some of the information has been redacted. Why?

Most of our licenses include confidentiality clauses from the vendor. We redact pricing information in order to comply with those requests.

I’ve heard accessibility talked about at meetings and conferences, and I’d like to learn more. Where can I get started?

The Information Technology Industry Council developed the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) to assist businesses with documenting product conformance with relevant accessibility standards. More information regarding the VPAT and current versions can be found on ITI’s accessibility page new-window-icon.png

The Big Ten Academic Alliance Libraries funded a project to test eResources to provide vendors with information to improve their products and has adopted standardized languages. More information can be found on the Big Ten Academic Alliance Libraries Library E-Resource Accessibility - Introduction page new-window-icon.png .

I’m in need of VPATs for products I purchase through MCLS. Where can I find these?

Many VPATs can be downloaded from the vendor pages on our website. You will find the links to download them in the blue/gray box near the top of the page. If you find that a VPAT is not listed, contact our eLicensing and Collection Resources department at or 517-939-1382.

I’m in need of VPATs for products I purchase with other vendors or publishers. Where can I find a list?

A VPAT repository new-window-icon.png is located online and contains VPAT and accessibility statements for nearly 60 vendors.

My institution is a member of MCLS, and I'd like to get involved in the direction of eLicensing and Collection Resources. How do I do that?

In early 2017, MCLS formed a Product Advisory Librarians (PALs) group. PALs help us determine potential new vendors or products, and we provide a secure place to discuss those products and vendors with us and with each other.

If you’re interested in becoming a PAL, please complete this brief formnew-window-icon.png. We typically reach out up to four times per year, with several trials for you to choose from each time. You would test drive products that interest you and answer a brief survey when you’re done. For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact eLicensing and Collection Resources at or 517-939-1382.

I’m a vendor that is interested in doing business with your consortia. What do I need to know?

MCLS is excited to work with vendors who bring value to our members, whether that’s a new relationship or an established one. eLicensing and Collection Resources has created an Expression of Interest pdf-icon.png that outlines our process and next steps for building these relationships. If you have further questions, please email us at

I have updated my ILS and need to let the vendors know.

We are happy to contact the vendors on your behalf or to provide you with vendor contact information. Please contact us a with your preference.

I sent you a quote request. How long does this typically take?

You should receive either an update or quote from us within three to five business days. If you’d like to follow-up, contact us at or 517-939-1382.

I have a credit and want to use it to pay my invoice.

We can easily handle this request. For assistance, contact Janet LaCross, Business Manager at or 517-481-3577.

I have a credit and want to request a refund check.

The library director or billing contact of record at MCLS may request a refund by emailing Janet LaCross, Business Manager at Refunds can only be issued payable to the library. Requests must include the following information:

I have a question about my invoice. Who do I contact?

Contact Janet LaCross, Business Manager at or 517-481-3577 with any questions regarding your invoice.

I need a copy of my invoice. How can I get it?

At the top of this page, click the “Member Options” drop down. Select “Access Your Financial Information (MAO).” Then click on the balance and click the printer icon next to the invoice you would like to print. You can also contact Janet LaCross, Business Manager at or 517-481-3577.

I received an invoice and want to pay with a credit card.

Paying with a credit card is temporarily NOT Available.