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In these times of rapid change, increased automation, and technological innovation, Indiana and Michigan libraries need a partner they can trust for reliable information on new products and services and for top-notch support. Libraries need a partner to turn to when negotiating with vendors, a partner who will advocate for the good of Indiana and Michigan libraries. MCLS is that partner. When you join MCLS, you will quickly understand why libraries throughout Indiana and Michigan depend on us to keep them up-to-date and supplied with the latest information technology.

MCLS membership is open to any Indiana or Michigan library. For information on membership fees and renewals, see our MCLS Membership Fees page.

If your library would like to join MCLS, complete the MCLS Membership Application to begin your membership today. If you need more information, give us a call at 1-800-530-9019 ext 406 or send us an email message, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Membership Benefits

Membership in MCLS carries many benefits:

Group licensing

MCLS offers group licensing of electronic journals, digital books, and databases. ProQuest, Cengage Learning, Oxford University Press...these are only a few of the companies MCLS works with to help reduce costs for access to the databases your patrons and staff need.


When you have a question, you want it answered quickly. MCLS's highly trained, professional support staff are always ready to take your calls, emails, and faxes. They are committed to providing prompt, courteous service, and accurate information every time you contact MCLS.


Providing high-quality library services in today's fast-changing environment can be a challenge. MCLS has an extensive training program, which not only prepares you for the decisions you must make every day, but also helps staff make more effective, efficient use of the services you already have. Members save approximately half of the price of programs and workshops, making membership an even greater value.

Money-saving discounts

From bibliotheca's 3M security systems and supplies to computer software and online information services, MCLS offers you the best value for your scarce resources.


Your staff is probably not expanding, but your patron's demands are. MCLS can help you meet those demands with suggestions on the latest productivity-enhancing tools from a variety of vendors.

Whether you're in a small library or a large one, whether you're immersed in technology or still trying to figure it all out, MCLS can help.

Information privacy

At MCLS, we know you are busy and that you value your privacy as well as your time. We take seriously our commitment to our members to collect only information that is necessary and to minimize the chances that data may be lost or misused. Members and customers can expect that MCLS will:

Contact MCLS Executive Director Randy Dykhuis with any questions or comments.

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To receive services, products, or membership benefits from MCLS, please complete our online application form:

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