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January - June 2020 training offerings

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Indiana Public Innovators cohort 2019

A cohort of Indiana library staff formed in March 2019. The initial training was led by coaches from the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation new-window-icon.png, and was offered through grant funding from the sale of the former INCOLSA building. The cohort is now participating in ten months of coaching, which will run through January 2020.

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Michigan Harwood Virtual Lab 2019

The Library of Michigan new-window-icon.png and MCLS continued their partnership with The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation new-window-icon.png in October 2019. An additional 50 Michigan library staff were trained in the framework of the Institute, this time through an eight-week, online Virtual Public Innovator Lab new-window-icon.png to be followed by 18 months of coaching. Upon completion of this lab, around 200 library staff will have completed training, representing dozens of Michigan libraries.

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