Accounting Services


MCLS staff members are available to answer any questions you have pertaining to invoices or statements received from MCLS.

Contact MCLS Accounting Department

One-on-one training

MCLS's Business Manager offers "One-on-One" sessions with member library personnel to help better understand MCLS invoices and account structure. Please call 517-481-3577 for appointment.

Member Accounts Online

Member Accounts Online (MAO) new-window-icon.png allows MCLS members to access current and past accounting information online.

MCLS members can:

MAO functionality includes:


An invoice is an itemized list of goods, products, or services purchased from MCLS, including details of the purchase, price, and terms of sale. All MCLS invoices have a remittance strip at the bottom of the invoice for easy and proper payment application.


Statements of each account are distributed monthly to MCLS members. Accounts Receivable/Open Invoice Statements - list all open invoices for which MCLS has not yet received payment. Deposit Account Statements - show all activity to the account since the previous statement was issued, and lists usage of funds on deposit at MCLS.

Payment methods

Invoices may be paid by check (MCLS’s preferred payment method), credit card (convenience fee applies)*, or authorized deduction from an established deposit account. To pay by credit card* please call the accounting team at 800-530-9019 option 7.

*Please note: To control costs and keep pricing as low as possible, MCLS' preferred payment method is by check. A convenience fee (at current rate) will be added to the transaction when paying an open invoice with a credit card.

Credit card payment policy

As a convenience to our members, MCLS will accept credit card payments for outstanding invoices. Due to the fact that this is a convenience we extend to our members, and it is not our usual process for receiving payment (our normal process is payment by check), a convenience fee (at current rate) will be added to the transaction. The fee is an effort to maintain our overhead costs and to be a good steward of the MCLS Membership Assets.

Deposit accounts

MCLS offers a variety of deposit accounts for the convenience of MCLS member libraries, allowing for automatic payment of specific monthly or annual charges. Funds in a specific deposit account may only be used for the specified purpose of the account on an automatic basis. Other charges may be applied to a specific deposit account upon written request by the library. Deposit accounts are available for subscriptions (databases, eJournals, digital books, software).

MEMO or Pro Forma Invoices

MCLS Members can create their own custom pro forma invoice to replenish a deposit account held at MCLS, or to be "advance billed" for a product or service to be purchased at a later date.

Sales tax exemption certificates
(Michigan and Indiana institutions)

MCLS is required to have a tax exemption certificate on file for each tax-exempt institution purchasing taxable products. (bibliotheca products for example). If no form is on file, MCLS must add sales tax to your order at time of invoicing. If your institution is exempt, please complete the appropriate tax exemption form (linked below), print, and fax the form to MCLS at 269-210-7250.

Michigan institutions:

Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption pdf-icon.png

Indiana institutions:

Indiana Department of Revenue General Sales Tax Exemption Certificate pdf-icon.png