Overall expectations for RIDES should be:


How do we join RIDES?

How do we change the number of days we get delivery?

How do you determine the number of days required?

Why is the Upper Peninsula pricing different than the Lower Peninsula?

Why is there a charge for volume?

Why can't we have delivery at the same time every day so we can plan staff scheduling?

Shipping labels and label maker

Why are all our branches listed on the label maker if we only have delivery service at the main library?

Sometimes when I print out shipping labels it prints the wrong address. Why is that?

I can't find a library on the label maker.


Where are the RIDES warehouse hubs?

What do we do with mystery items that arrive at our library?

Why are there so many labels?

What is the RIDES email list?

Why do I have to be subscribed to the RIDES email list?

How do I sign up for the RIDES email list?


How do I find RIDES Participants?

How do I know which libraries are No Pack?

What is Central Delivery?

Which library branch should I select on the label maker?

Ann Arbor District Library ZV012 AADL Downtown Main
Capital Area District Library ZV194 CADL Lansing
Genesee District Library ZV122 GDL Genesee Dist Lib HQ
Grand Rapids Public Library ZV139 GRPL Main Br
Kent District Library ZV080 KDL Headquarters
Monroe County LIbrary System ZV231 Monroe CLS Daume Main
Muskegon Area District Library ZV236 MADL HQ
Public Libraries of Saginaw ZV292 PLOS Hoyt Main
St Clair County Library ZV273 SCCL Port Huron Main
Wayne State University ZA014 WSU Undergraduate


Fuel surcharge

What is a fuel surcharge?

Does RIDES have a fuel surcharge?

How is the fuel surcharge billed?

Why bill every six months? Why not just add the fuel surcharge to next year's bill?

How is the fuel surcharge determined?