To make RIDES shipping labels:

  1. Access the RIDES label maker at: https://www.mcls.org/rideslabels
  2. Search for the correct library locations, either using the 'Search' box or scrolling the left 'Locations' column.
    • Search by MeL Agency code for the most reliable results.
    • Verify both the MeL Agency code and the library name.
  3. Highlight the library name. Double-click or use the arrow button to add the location to your list on the right.
    • To return the ‘Search’ column to all of the listings, click on ‘Clear’.
    • You may select as many locations as you like before clicking ‘Print’.
  4. Under ‘Format’, choose to create either ‘Plain Paper’ for 2 labels on 8.5" x 11" paper or ‘Labels’ to print 6 per page.
    • ‘Format’ select will default to what was chosen during the last session.
  5. Click ‘Print’ to display the ‘Confirm Labels and Quantity’ page.
    • If desired, change the ‘Quantity’ of labels to print for each location.
    • If desired, select ‘Dedicated’ for single destination labels.
    • Remove a location from the Confirmation page by setting the count to 0.
  6. Click on ‘Print Labels’.
  7. Click ‘OK’ on the PDF pop-up.
  8. Verify and print your shipping labels.
  9. To make more shipping labels, close the PDF and click on the ‘Back’ button.

Labeling tips


Searching tips

If you have any problems creating RIDES shipping labels, please submit questions via the RIDES Assistance form at mcls.org/rideshelp.