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Library Match


Library match is an archived project, which was designed to facilitate communication among our members by matching interested member libraries in Indiana with interested member libraries in Michigan that may be facing similar issues, challenges, or opportunities.

The goal was to provide opportunities for library staff to develop relationships with library staff in another state, mentor one another, expand professional connections, share staff training opportunities and expertise, conduct co-marketing activities and/or develop collaborative public programs.

“Our 2014 Community Conversations revealed that librarians throughout Indiana and Michigan are eager to share their expertise with other librarians,” Randy Dykhuis, MCLS Executive Director commented. “This program gives them that opportunity, with the additional benefit of interacting with librarians in another state. By expanding the geographic scope of their conversations, we expect librarians in both states will learn new ways to serve their patrons.”

Matched libraries were encouraged to try things like:


This project began as a pilot project funded by the H.W. Wilson Foundation which paired four public libraries in Indiana with four public libraries in Michigan over a period of 9 months. The peers were of similar size and serve comparable communities. The participating libraries were provided with the video-conferencing equipment needed to connect, communicate and collaborate with their peer library. They were trained on the use of the equipment, required to conduct a minimum of three specific activities together, and encouraged to do more.

The pilot Library Match “teams”

Pilot Library Match peer library profiles