Indiana Harwood Public Innovators Lab 2019

Indiana Public Innovators cohort 2019

A cohort of Indiana library staff formed in March 2019. The initial training, a Harwood Public Innovators Lab held March 5-7, 2019 at Indiana Wesleyan University - Indianapolis North campus, was led by coaches from the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation new-window-icon.png. MCLS fully funded tuition for the training, as well as lodging and some meals, through funds made available through a grant program established by the MCLS Board of Directors from the proceeds of the sale of the former INCOLSA building. The cohort participated in ten months of online coaching, ending in spring 2020.

MCLS is committed to continuing to support the community engagement efforts of Indiana and Michigan libraries beyond the Public Innovators Lab as they put the Harwood tools into practice in their community. We look forward to the positive changes these libraries will make by engaging with their communities.