Indiana Community Conversations 2016

Community Conversations held in Indiana in August-September 2016

Indiana library staff were invited to attend one of six Community Conversations held in central and northern Indiana. The purpose of these conversations was to gather information about the needs of the Indiana library community and to explore your hopes, concerns, and aspirations.This spring we held rounds of conversations in both states and already have talked to over 150 library staff. We were happy to continue the conversation and share what we learned from you.

We sought input from libraries of all types, sizes, and geographic areas in order to make this effort an authentic representation of Indiana libraries.

The dates and locations of the conversations are listed below.

Each Community Conversation session counted as 2 General LEUs for Indiana staff.

For more information about the Harwood Institute, please visit the Harwood Institute website new-window-icon.png.

Read more about our involvement and interest in the Harwood process or see the timeline of our past MCLS library Community Conversations and find out what we learned.