Office Depot

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MCLS and Office Depot have partnered to provide our members special discounts on a variety of office supplies.

On average, an MCLS member can save 30% on paper, ink, cleaning supplies, coffee, snacks, copy services and more. 

Please note: Invoices for your Office Depot purchases do not come from MCLS. Office Depot will bill your library direct.

Vendor website: new-window-icon.png

To register

  1. Go to new-window-icon.png.
  2. Select Invoice Account Registration
  3. Enter that you are an MCLS member in the Chamber or Association Name field
  4. Complete the registration form

First-time login instructions

  1. Go to new-window-icon.png
  2. At the Office Depot Login page, enter your new login ID as instructed in the sample below:
    • Your Login ID will be: [your email address]
    • Your temporary password: Welcome
  3. You will be prompted to select a new 6-character password the first time you enter the site. You will also need to select a security question and answer. When complete, you can proceed with checking the information that has been set up in your profile. You can also click on the tab at the top of the page labeled "Bulletin Board" for additional information.

Note to Indiana libraries

This arrangement replaced the ordering system that was previously in place for Office Depot via the Indiana Buyers' Club (IBC). Procedures for placing orders with other IBC vendors have not changed.

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