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JSTOR revamps its community college offering

JSTOR changed its pricing model! For community college libraries, this means great collection access at more affordable prices. In the past, JSTOR collections were sold independently, but now, community colleges can purchase the full collection, which includes all 27 JSTOR resource collections. In addition, JSTOR moved away from Carnegie classification pricing and now offers three …Read more »

MCLS announces a new partnership with the Directory of Open Access Journals

For 20 years, the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) has been at the forefront of open access, helping libraries—and others worldwide—connect with freely available scholarly resources. DOAJ’s mission is to increase the visibility, accessibility, reputation, usage, and impact of quality, peer-reviewed, open access scholarly research journals globally, regardless of discipline, geography, or language. All …Read more »

Notes from Executive Director Scott Garrison – August 2023

Our staff and external partners are working to transition Text and Learn for Kindergarten (TALK), a text messaging system for parents of children ages 0-6, from a completely grant-funded service to an MCLS subscription-based service for libraries beginning Sept. 1, 2023. Read on for some TALK transition details we covered in recent webinars with current …Read more »

Use the MCLS Hotel Planner link for discounts on travel

Whether you’re planning an end of summer trip or getting a head start on fall conference travel plans, MCLS can help conserve your budget! Our partnership with Hotel Planner offers MCLS members significant savings of up to 65%. Contact Group Purchasing at or 517-939-1382 to receive the MCLS Hotel Planner link.

Join us for TALK Marketing Office Hours

Join MCLS Marketing and Communication Coordinator Mary Ruthko to discuss the TALK: Text and Learn for Kindergarten promotional toolkit. We’ll explore the promotional and advertising pieces that are working for your library, what you’d like to see added to the TALK toolkit, and any other resources you may need before and after TALK transitions from …Read more »

Join us for our next Virtual Dialogue as we continue discussing components of cultivating a growth mindset

How do we determine what success looks like? How do we celebrate when we’ve achieved that success? Learning how to frame success and celebrate achievements is an important part of cultivating a growth mindset. We invite you to continue to be a part of the conversation with fellow library workers about identifying and celebrating accomplishments …Read more »