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Is it OA or OER? And, what’s in it for me?

By Chrystal Pickell Vandervest Read time: 3 minutes I’m sure you know all about OA and OER. But, it can be hard to put the words together to talk about it with others (or even find the time to do this). And, it’s important to be able to easily explain the difference between the two.  …Read more »

Layers, elements, and tools (oh, my!)

The anatomy of Creative Commons licenses By Chrystal Pickell Vandervest Read time: 4 minutes Now that you know about copyright law, you’re ready to choose a Creative Commons (CC) license. Just kidding! There’s more to know about the three layers and four elements that are combined into six CC licenses (plus the two bonus public …Read more »

What you need to know about copyright

By Chrystal Pickell Vandervest Read time: 4 minutes Before we can talk about the anatomy and use of CC Licenses and CC-Licensed Works for your next OER project, it is essential that we have a base understanding of copyright.  Copyright law’s relationship with intellectual property  Copyright law falls under the umbrella of intellectual property (rights …Read more »

Creative Commons: beyond the licenses 

By Chrystal Pickell Vandervest Read time: 2 minutes As you may know, at the heart of many open educational resources (OER) are Creative Commons licenses. These licenses allow faculty to use, adapt, and remix content. The newly created resources further build upon the knowledge contained in other OERs, and then, that knowledge is shared with …Read more »

Collections vs remixes: how will I ever know the difference???

By Chrystal Pickell Vandervest Read time: 3 minutes What’s that? You want to include other Creative Commons (CC) licensed works in your open educational resource (OER), too!? (You probably weren’t thinking that at all, but it’s what we’re talking about today.) It’s quite common. And, if you’ve read an OER textbook, you’ve seen it in …Read more »