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MCLS membership renewal time is approaching

MCLS is sending out a membership renewal email reminder to key contacts (directors, billing contacts, and primary contacts) in early May for schools and early June for all other libraries. This email offers an opportunity to respond with any changes to your membership and to provide updated contact information ahead of our July 1 renewal date. Invoices will be generated and emailed to your MCLS billing contact in mid-May for schools and mid-June for all other libraries.

If your library has had a recent change in director or your billing contact has changed, please contact us at

Key library staff can view your library’s Member Account Online (MAO) through our MCLS portal. To request an online account, email If you already have an account but have forgotten your password, you can click the “Forget your User ID or password” button on the login page to receive updated information via email.

If you are from a library in Michigan or Indiana and would like to become an MCLS member, please fill out the membership application on our website. Not sure if your library is an MCLS member? You can check out our list of 648 members here!

Please email any questions to Gwen at or call her at 517-939-1388.
Thank you so much for being part of MCLS!