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MCLS ending bibliotheca business at the end of the year

MCLS will end its contract with bibliotheca on Dec. 31, 2019. MCLS has a long history of providing members with access to specialized library supplies and materials through what was 3M and is now bibliotheca. Our decision to discontinue this service comes after thoughtful consideration and involved weighing the benefits and costs associated with the service.

Two main factors are behind our decision. First, the library landscape has changed. The ongoing transition from print to digital resources means libraries’ need for products to support print and media collections has decreased substantially. At one time, MCLS housed a large inventory of media cases, tattle tape strips, and RFID tags, and sales were robust. The decrease in demand has made keeping products on-hand problematic. The second factor relates to changes in the bibliotheca pricing model. The model now includes purchase thresholds that are difficult for MCLS to reach. There are simply not enough libraries buying these products for MCLS to sustain this service. While ending the contract means that members will no longer be able to purchase bibliotheca products via MCLS, we are committed to helping libraries locate other suppliers, and to assisting libraries as they complete any current projects, such as security gate installation. Between now and Dec., MCLS will offer special pricing on in-stock products and provide libraries with listings of other suppliers for bibliotheca products. We also encourage libraries to purchase any products they will need prior to the Dec. 31, 2019 deadline. If you have any questions, please contact Group Purchasing Manager Stephanie Davis at or (800) 530-9019 ext 154.