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Become an MCLS PAL

MCLS is seeking librarians from all types of libraries who would like to help shape future group purchases. Our vision for the Product Advisory Librarians (PALs) is to test and trial products and provide feedback. This information will help us determine the direction for product offerings in a more thoughtful manner.

Why are we doing this?

  • To solicit feedback on products and potential offerings before we present them to the entire membership
  • To receive suggestions about products we might not otherwise learn of
  • To gain insight from actual users with library expertise


  • Available one to four times per year to trial a product (length of time could vary from a one-time session, to a trial lasting a week or longer) from the comfort of your office or library
  • Willing to complete a short online survey after each trial and provide an honest critique

Benefits for PALs:

  • Influence on the development of group purchasing at MCLS
  • Advanced knowledge of potential new offerings
  • Free access to new products in a testing environment
  • Virtual networking with other PALs through a listserv
  • Thanks and appreciation of MCLS and your colleagues

If you’re interested in learning more, or would like to sign up to be a PAL, please complete this brief form at: If you would like to contact MCLS, email Chrystal Babbitt at or 800-530-9019 ext 401.