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I Love My Librarian award winner Molly Ledermann interview

Molly Ledermann Photo

 -Washtenaw Community College Librarian, and 2013 “I Love My Librarian” award winner Molly Ledermann talks with MCLS about her career and the profession.

Q: How did you decide to become a librarian?

A: While finishing up my undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature and German Literature, I contemplated pursuing a Master’s degree in either field. I realized that what I loved most about my education was the research component – the search for an answer. Becoming a librarian was a natural and rewarding choice for me because I get to help people in their quest to access information and find answers to their questions every day.

Q:  What is different about the profession than your expectations as you entered school?

A: I think the biggest difference is that I now understand more fully the critical role that librarians play in their communities, schools, colleges, and universities. When you work directly with the public, you see how the library transforms people’s lives every day.

Q: In Missoula (where Ledermann worked previous to WCC), your initiatives were fairly diverse, from the book clubs to the online chat; how did you decide what to tackle first?

A: Public librarians have to wear many hats and think on their feet. Budgets are tight and resources are scarce. When you see a need that must be met or a problem that must be solved, you have to be the answer. That means multi-tasking and working on many different projects at once. I often find that my answer as to what to tackle first is –  everything!

Q: Where are librarians underutilized?

A: Everywhere! I think there are instances every day where a librarian’s assistance could save someone time, solve an information need, or provide a sense of community.  People often don’t know what services are available through the library or how librarians can help.

Q:  What would you like to accomplish at WCC (Washtenaw Community College)?

A: I would like to help the student population feel both welcome and confident using the library and its resources so that they can make the most of their education at WCC.

Q:  What advice do you have for librarians just starting out?

A: Adapt. Our communities and our society are constantly changing and libraries must be flexible in their spaces and services to meet the needs of the population they serve. Embrace change and always be willing to learn something new.

To learn more about the award and see other/previous recipients visit the ALA website.