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Risk Management & Disaster Recovery-Jeanne Drewes to Lead Program on Disaster Management

LANSING, Michigan (July 15, 2013)-Both natural and human generated disasters regularly plague our libraries. Mitigating damage is an ongoing process of preparation. Explore strategies for success and learn practical hands-on techniques in disaster management with internationally recognized expert Jeanne Drewes for a two,  non-consecutive, day program on September 10, and November 8, 2013. Drewes serves as Chief of Binding and Collections Care at the Library of Congress.

On September 10 participants will tour the host facility, the Delta Township District Library, with Drewes as tour guide identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to better prepare against disaster. A workshop will follow with participants engaging in hands-on recovery techniques. The day will conclude with an informational session on developing a disaster plan.

Between September 10 and next session participants will work on their plans. On November 8 the group will reconvene to discuss, ask questions and finalize their individual plans under the tutelage of Drewes. In addition property insurance will be addressed.  Strengthening institutional buy-in two participants from each organization are strongly encouraged. The same two individuals are not necessary for both sessions.

This program is part of a series brought to you by MCLS, the Cooperative Directors Association and the Library of Michigan. Generous support for this session is provided by the Library of Michigan and from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

For more details and to register visit our Risk Management & Disaster Recovery page.