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NCIP Development Underway for Michigan Evergreen & MeLCat

MCLS Retains LTC to Develop Open-Source NCIP Component for Evergreen

Lansing, MI – July 18, 2011. MCLS is thrilled to announce that we have entered into a contract with Library Technology Consultants (LTC) to develop an Evergreen NCIP responder to work with MeLCat, Michigan’s popular statewide multitype resource-sharing system.  The proposed programming will streamline resource sharing for MeLCat Evergreen libraries by automating time-consuming tasks that are currently performed manually.

“LTC values this opportunity to promote the NCIP standard,” said Kyle Banerjee of LTC.  “Widespread adoption of NCIP has the potential to significantly improve resource sharing from both patron and library perspectives.  Adding NCIP support to Evergreen will make this protocol more useful to the library community and should encourage resource sharing systems vendors to provide better support for NCIP in their products.”

“Many MeLCat libraries have been asking for NCIP functionality for a long time,” said Debbi Schaubman of MCLS. “MCLS is very excited that we’ll be working with LTC to provide that functionality for the libraries on the Michigan Evergreen shared system.”

“MeLCat has always been about leveling the playing field for Michigan libraries,”  Schaubman continued.   “NCIP functionality is one part of that goal – processing of MeLCat materials should be equally easy, regardless of which ILS a library uses.  And now, for our Evergreen libraries, that will be a reality.”

All code developed for this project will be released as open source for use with other Evergreen installations and other projects.

MeLCat is based on Innovative Interfaces’ INN-Reach software, which provides seamless interaction with Innovative Interface’s Millennium  ILS software. Libraries with other ILS software, however, must connect through an intermediary Direct Consortial Borrowing (DCB) server in order to process MeLCat materials.

About MCLS. MCLS, the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services, is a library membership organization serving Michigan and Indiana libraries. We offer our member libraries the tools they need to provide excellent library service to their communities: training and special programs; resource sharing and statewide initiatives; Michigan Evergreen, our shared open-source integrated library system; and cost-savings on databases, ejournals, ebooks, software, and other products and services.

About LTC. LTC, Library Technology Consultants, specializes in custom automation solutions and technology consulting for libraries.  LTC is committed to affordable innovation through shared solutions that benefit both individual customers and the broader library community.  For more information about LTC, see

About MeLCat. MeLCat is Michigan’s statewide multitype resource-sharing system and is part of the statewide Michigan eLibrary (MeL) project.  Training, support, and implementation of MeLCat are provided by MCLS, under contract with the Library of Michigan.  The MeL project is made possible by grant funds from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services administered by the State of Michigan through the Library of Michigan.