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MCLS Membership Approves Ballot Issues

MCLS Member Representatives approved two ballot issues at the special Membership Meeting on July 15, 2011.

Issue 1:  By-laws Amendments

Amend Article IV, Section 4.01(C). Strike “Indiana State Librarian (Ex-officio & voting). Insert “Optional Seat (Voting)”.
Renumber Article IV, Section 4.01.
Amend Article IV, Section 4.02(B). Replace current language with “The Optional Seat may be filled by the Board of Directors from among member or nonmember libraries or other organizations and will serve a three-year term.”
Renumber current Article IV, Section 4.02(B) to become Section 4.02(C).
Amend Article IV, Section 4.03(A)a to add “except for the Ex Officio and Optional seats” after “Member Representatives shall elect the Board of Directors”
Amend Article IV, Section 4.03(B)c to add “except for the Ex Officio and Optional seats” after “All nominees for Board of Directors positions”

Issue 1 Results:

Yes – 125 votes

No – 3 votes

Issue 2: Indianapolis Building Sale proposal

Whereas the building located at 6202 Morenci Trail, Indianapolis, Indiana owned by MCLS will be vacant on June 30, 2011, and Whereas support and maintenance of the building will be costly and will not benefit MCLS members, Therefore, it is resolved that the MCLS membership authorizes the MCLS Board of Directors to sell the building and property.

Issue 2 Results:

Yes – 127 votes

No – 1 vote