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Marketing Plan Workshop in Lansing, Sept. 15

Speakers Kathy Dempsey and Jennifer Pearson

In response to popular demand, MCLS will repeat the special program, “Marketing the Public Library,” in Lansing on September 15. MCLS hosted this special program in Indianapolis earlier this year and received rave reviews for the instructors, Jennifer Pearson of OCLC and Kathy Dempsey, author of The Accidental Library Marketer.  Because of the “hands-on” nature of this workshop, registration is limited to 40 participants. Early registration is advised.

“Geek the Library” with Jennifer Pearson, OCLC Senior Manager, Advocacy Programs. Geek the Library is a public awareness campaign that is used as a platform for educating the public about the library’s important local role and the critical funding issues that libraries are facing today. After a successful pilot program in 2009 involving nearly 100 libraries, geek the Library can now be implemented by any public library in the US. In her presentation, Jennifer will discuss the campaign and how your library can participate.

Jennifer has been with OCLC for seven years and is a strong advocate for public libraries. Jennifer served as a field manager for the Geek the Library campaign for the Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin pilots. She is now managing the Geek the Library campaign as OCLC rolls it out to public libraries throughout the United States.

“Create Your Own Customized Marketing Plan” with Kathy Dempsey, author of The Accidental Library Marketer. Kathy will go over what true marketing is, including definitions & steps in the process. Then attendees brainstorm and share ideas while filling in a 5-step form that will be the basis for their own marketing plan. This program concentrates on breaking customers down into target markets and crafting specific messages to reach them most effectively. It outlines a complete marketing plan for one target, not an organization-wide marketing plan.

Kathy is the owner of a consultancy called Libraries Are Essential, which advises clients on marketing, promotion, and public relations. Her work is dedicated to helping librarians and information professionals promote their value and expertise. Libraries Are Essential has a website ( and a Facebook page ( She also blogs at The ‘M’ Word (

For a complete agenda and to register online, go to:

If you need assistance with registration, please contact Heather Thomas (800-530-9019 x133 or