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Barryton and Beulah “Go Live” on Michigan Evergreen

MCLS is pleased to welcome two new libraries to Michigan Evergreen, Barryton Public Library and The Darcy Library of Beulah, who migrated to our shared ILS last week.

The Darcy Library of Beulah migrated to Michigan Evergreen on March 17, and Barryton Public Library migrated on March 18.  MCLS, Grand Rapids Public Library (GRPL), and Equinox worked together to transition the libraries from their legacy systems to Michigan Evergreen‘s shared open-source system.  Megan Dudek of MCLS was on-site at each of the libraries on their “go live” dates, while Evette Atkin handled command central at MCLS, coordinating with GRPL and Equinox to ensure smooth migrations.  We’re happy to report that both libraries are up and running on Michigan Evergreen!

The Michigan Evergreen project is open to other libraries who wish to join the shared catalog. For questions about Michigan Evergreen, please feel free to contact MCLS Michigan Evergreen staff at 800-530-9019: Evette Atkin (ext. 152), Megan Dudek (ext. 153), or Debbi Schaubman (ext. 113). To schedule a demo of Michigan Evergreen at your library, contact Anne Donohue (ext. 142). See also our MCLS Michigan Evergreen web page.