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New Workshop Lineup for MeL Databases Webinars in 2011

Michigan’s MeL Databases program has been adding resources since its very beginning in 1997 and now includes over 40 databases and numerous important features. MCLS provides training and support for MeL Databases. In order to devote sufficient time to each database and feature, we are announcing a new class lineup.  In addition to moving the classes online for easy attendance from anywhere in the state, we are dividing up current classes to give more time for each topic and to allow time to practice in each database.

Each class is three hours long.  All you need to participate is a computer with speakers and a good Internet connection.  If you have a microphone, you can ask your questions out loud, but if you don’t have a mike, you can easily use the online chat feature to ask questions or make comments. We encourage lots of back and forth during the classes to keep everyone involved.

The MeL Basics classes feature several important databases.  We encourage Michigan library staff to sign up for all three of them to get the “full dose” of MeL knowledge!

MeL Basics Part 1
MeL Home Page
-Major parts of MeL
Gale databases
-General Reference Center Gold
-Gale Virtual Reference Library
-Powersearch ability
Newspapers in MeL
-InfoTrac Newsstand
-Newsbank Michigan Newspapers
MeL Michigana
-The Gateway collections
-Gale’s Sabin Michigan collection
Evaluation survey online

MeL Basics Part 2
Review of MeL funding
SIRS Discoverer
SIRS Renaissance
OmniFile Full Text Select
Books & Authors
Featured Resources
Evaluation survey online

MeL Basics Part 3
FirstSearch databases
Job & Career Accelerator from LearningExpress
MeL Promo and About MeL links
Evaluation survey online

MeL for Young Adults Part 1
Teen Gateway
SIRS Discoverer
InfoTrac Student
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Health and Wellness Resource Center
Evaluation survey online

MeL for Young Adults Part 2
Review Teen Gateway
SIRS Renaissance
Books & Authors
OmniFile Full Text Select
Other relevant Gateways
Reference Desk
Business and Jobs
MORE (for teachers, parents, home schoolers, etc.)
Evaluation survey online

In addition to the newly realigned classes listed above, we will continue to offer MeL for Kids, MeL Health Resources, MeL Career and Business Resources, and MeL Arts and Humanities Resources.  All classes will be three hours.

Click here to register for December classes. Online registration will be available later this month for 2011 January-June classes.

The MeL project is made possible by grant funds from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services administered by the State of Michigan through the Library of Michigan.