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SkyRiver Becomes Exchange Partner for LC’s Program for Cooperative Cataloging

SkyRiver is now an active NACO node within the Library of Congress Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC).

John Riemers, PCC Chair, issued this announcement on November 16, 2010: “The PCC welcomes a new NACO Node member, SkyRiver Technology Solutions. Name authority records contributed through SkyRiver will carry the prefix “ns”. The Library of Congress has been working with all NACO nodes to prepare for the new prefix in LC NACO Authority File (LCNAF) records. The first NACO records from SkyRiver will enter the shared database on November 17, 2010.”

NACO is the name authority component of the PCC through which authority records for names, uniform titles, and series are contributed to the LC Name Authority File. NACO participants agree to follow a common set of standards and guidelines when creating or changing authority records in order to maintain the file’s integrity. SkyRiver’s PCC participation represents the culmination of a development process which involved rigorous testing with LC to ensure the efficient exchange of authority records on a daily basis. SkyRiver users already trained on NACO protocols now may send their contributed records via SkyRiver’s elegant user friendly interface. SkyRiver now becomes LC’s third NACO node, along with the British Library and OCLC.