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RAND State Statistics offers 200 social science databases, new UI

RRAND corporationAND State Statistics is expanding its offerings at non-profit prices. In operation since 1998 with median time series of more than 20 years, the site has an intuitive User Interface with detailed and diverse data covering demographics, health care, and crime to economics and government finance.

Rather than spending hours (or days) deciphering arcane public and other data, patrons and library staff can simply point, click, view, and download clearly defined tables, charts, and maps. The site’s “Fast Facts” allows quick comparisons of nearly 100 variables for 3,300 counties and states. Academic and public subscribers include Princeton University, the University of Texas, and the Los Angeles Public Library.

For a quote or trial, contact Chrystal Pickell Vandervest at or (800) 530-9019 ext 401.