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Michigan Evergreen to Upgrade to Version 2.1

MCLS is pleased to announce that Michigan Evergreen plans to upgrade to version 2.1 of the Evergreen software later this year.  The upgrade will add: (1) serials functionality including prediction and check-in, (2) a fully-functional acquisitions module,  (3) full authority control, and (4) a booking module for rooms and other resources.

Michigan Evergreen “On the Road”
In April, Michigan Evergreen staff Megan Dudek and Evette Atkin presented a program at the Evergreen International Conference 2011 held in Decatur, GA, April 27-30. Their program on the governance structure of Michigan Evergreen was attended by 35 people and stimulated discussion of Evergreen governance models.  On May 6, Megan and Evette presented “Evergreen Goes Academic” at the 2011 Academic Librarians Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Future Michigan Evergreen presentations include a session at 2011 MLA Tech Escape in East Lansing on May 20 and a program at MLA’s Annual Conference in Kalamazoo in October.

The Michigan Evergreen project is open to libraries wishing to join the shared catalog. For questions about Michigan Evergreen, please feel free to contact MCLS Michigan Evergreen staff at 800-530-9019: Evette Atkin (ext. 152), Megan Dudek (ext. 153), or Debbi Schaubman (ext. 113). To schedule a demo of Michigan Evergreen at your library, contact Anne Donohue (ext. 142). See also our MCLS Michigan Evergreen web page.