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Michigan Evergreen: NCIP Update

In July 2011, MCLS began working with an independent software developer, Library Technology Consultants, to create an NCIP responder for the Michigan Evergreen system. This development is designed to provide several benefits to MeLCat libraries using Evergreen.

The LTC team has successfully implemented patron authentication via NCIP. Once moved to the production server, patron authentication will access the patron record on the Evergreen server assuring library staff that the most up-to-date patron data are used in the transaction. Work on the borrowing side will continue for several weeks. In the next few months, we will be finalizing the development that will simplify the lending side of processing MeLCat materials by removing the need to perform double checkouts (once on the DCB client, once on the Evergreen system). We are still on target for having NCIP live for Michigan Evergreen this spring!