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MI-SPI 2.0 update

First started in 2011, the Michigan Shared Print Initiative (MI-SPI) entered a new phase in the fall of 2019 as 14 academic libraries across Michigan committed to participate in an updated shared print endeavor. Known as MI-SPI 2.0, the project involves the analysis of collection data from participating libraries using the GreenGlass (OCLC) software. GreenGlass reviews collection information and assigns libraries retention commitments, which are lists of print books libraries agree to keep and not weed from their collections. With libraries purchasing more eResources and space for books in libraries decreasing, the important work of MI-SPI 2.0 makes sure print resources remain available for researchers and students.

The original MI-SPI collaborative consisted of publicly funded institutions, but that group has expanded through MI-SPI 2.0 and includes three private schools: Baker College, Kettering University, and Spring Arbor University. New to MI-SPI 2.0 as well is Michigan State University. Other participants include the following institutions: Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University, Northern Michigan University, Oakland University, Saginaw Valley State University, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Wayne State University, and Western Michigan University. Currently in the data collection and extraction stage, the group anticipates the assignment of retention lists in early 2020. Once the retention portion of the project is finished, MI-SPI 2.0 plans to explore the potential of shared collection development.

MI-SPI 2.0 is part of a larger national shared print effort. To support the work of these programs, the Partnership for Shared Book Collections was formed in 2018. This year the group will formalize into an organization dedicated to helping shared print programs across the country by providing information on best practices and suggestions for marketing and outreach, as well as guidance on software for the data review process. MCLS has committed to financially support the Partnership. Visit the Partnership for Shared Book Collections website to learn more. For more information on MI-SPI 2.0, visit the MCLS MI-SPI website.