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MCLS’s Introduction to Basic Soft Skills series takes a brief hiatus, but will be back!

In order to make some changes to the Introduction to Basic Soft Skills workshop series, MCLS will put it on a brief hiatus. One big change will be rebranding what has been known as “Soft Skills” as “Essential Workplace Skills.” This series name change will help to reflect the content of the workshops and their value more accurately. Note: The content of the workshops will not be changing, just the name of the series.

At the same time that we are working to rebrand to Essential Workplace Skills, we will be moving the workshops to a new self-paced online learning platform. Participants will be able to work through the chosen subject at their own pace, navigating through video lessons recorded by MCLS instructors, activities, and knowledge checks.

Any previous MCLS Soft Skills workshops taken will still count towards the Certificate of Library Staff Development, which will now be the Certificate of Library Staff Development in Essential Workplace Skills. As the content will remain the same, you will not need to re-take the workshop. The Introduction to Essential Workplace Skills workshops will remain FREE to staff of MCLS member libraries when they are again available.

To give us time to make the necessary changes to reflect the new series name and get the workshops moved over to the new format and platform, they will be temporarily unavailable beginning March 1, 2022. We plan to have them ready for registration again beginning June 1, 2022.

We look forward to bringing these Essential Workplace Skills tutorials to you in a new format and supporting library staff in a more effective way! Please direct any questions you might have to Gwen Haviland at