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MCLS Announces New Dues Structure

Beginning July 1, 2011, MCLS is implementing a new uniform dues structure that will cover member libraries in Indiana and Michigan.

After the merger in February, 2010, Indiana libraries were assessed dues based on INCOLSA’s former dues structure and Michigan libraries were assessed on MLC’s former dues structure. These dues covered memberships running through June 30, 2011.  The MCLS Interim Board recognized the need to create a new dues structure that would be uniform across the two states and adopted the following for implementation in FY2012 (July2011-June2012).

The new membership fee structure has four categories:
Category 1 (4-yr academic and large publics*) – $250 annual membership dues
Category 2 (2-yr academic and medical) – $175 annual membership dues
Category 3 (medium/small publics, K12, special) – $125 annual membership dues
Category 4 (cooperatives and other consortia**) – $125 annual membership dues.

*Large public libraries are defined as those serving 40,000 and above.

**Category 4 is for cooperatives and consortia joining as individual organizations and does not extend MCLS membership or services to their member libraries.