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Important – OCLC Billing Changes

OCLC logoIf your library is billed for OCLC services through MCLS, this affects you.

Starting with July 2012 OCLC usage, your billing and account management for OCLC services will transition from MCLS to OCLC. Your final invoice from MCLS will be for June 2012 activity and will arrive in July. The following month, your bills will start to come from OCLC. The switch from MCLS to OCLC billing will occur automatically, and you need take no action to begin receiving your bills from OCLC.

Please see for additional details about the transition, including estimated usage invoices, deposit accounts, and who to contact if you have other questions.

This change only impacts MCLS billing for OCLC products and services. MCLS will continue billing services for non-OCLC services (e.g., reference databases, RIDES, ejournals, etc.).