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Why are we still going to conferences?

There is a great blog post on Creating Passionate Users titled “Face-to-face trumps Twitter, Blogs, Podcasts, Videos.” Kathy Sierra asks – why are we still going to conferences when we now have social networking technology to allow us to meet online? She writes, “The point is, face-to-face still matters. And in fact all our globally-connecting-social-networking …Read more »

New ARL Copyright Brochure

ARL has published a new brochure, Know Your Copy Rights: What You Can Do, aimed at faculty and teaching assistants. The brochure is available for download in PDF or for purchase in print copies. A one-page chart, “What you can do,” is also available to download or purchase in print. The web site lists several …Read more » Releases Copyright Handbook

Electronic Information For Libraries, eIFL-IP Advocacy for Access to Information, has released a new Handbook on Copyright and Related Issues for Libraries on their web site in html and downloadable PDF. The Handbook is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license. Sponsored by UNESCO, the handbook is a practical guide to topical legal questions …Read more »

Orphan Works Proposal

Lawrence Lessig’s presentation of his orphan works proposal is now available on his blog.  Libraries are particularly interested in what Congress will enact regarding “orphan works” (copyright-protected materials whose copyright owners cannot be located) for library digitization projects. Lessig’s proposal covers only published works, not unpublished works.  Because many digitization projects include unpublished, unique materials …Read more »

Copyright presentations on Lessig's blog

Copyright law professor, Lawrence Lessig, is posting a series of presentations on his blog over the next couple weeks.  The presentations will outline arguments for five Internet-related proposals that he believes Congress should enact this year: Orphan Works, Remix Culture, Network Neutrality, Spam, and Harmful to Minors Material.  The first presentation will be posted later …Read more »

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