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ALA Provides Answers to Librarians' Copyright Questions

Calling all Michigan librarians! ALA’s Copyright Advisory Network (CAN) is a free service for librarians who want to learn about copyright or get help with their copyright questions. Please post your copyright questions on the CAN website!

To post a copyright question:
1. Register at:
2. Log in.
3. Click on “Copyright Questions” and then click on “Post New Topic” and submit your question.

After you post, your question will be answered by one or more of the members of the CAN Team. Here’s a photo of us (the new 2007-2008 CAN Team) with Carrie Russell, Copyright Specialist at the ALA Wash Office (front row: Freya Anderson, Carrie Russell, Raizel Liebler, Claudia Holguin, me; back row: Janet Brennan Croft, Julia Binnie, Cindy Kristof, Molly Kleinman).


This photo was taken a couple weeks ago when we went to Washington, DC, for our CAN Team training at the American Library Association’s Washington Office. In addition to answering questions on the website (Network Forum), we’ll also have a blog and a copyright wiki. Stay tuned!