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Clarivate and MCLS partner to offer EndNote™ discounted pricing for MCLS members

Today’s research is characterized by the need for collaboration, a higher prediction of the research outcome, process efficiency, and changes in research ecosystems–all possible with EndNote™ which supports students, faculty, and staff on all stages of research and writing, streamlines systematic reviews, encourages collaboration, allows multitasking, and increases your efficiency and effectivity. Several enhancements to EndNote™ are ahead as Clarivate invests in this top reference management system. Auto reference creation, plagiarism checker, RefWorks integration, and Cite While You Write are some of the improvements coming for EndNote™.

MCLS members receive advantageous pricing (one-time fee and subscription options) for group, lab, department, and sitewide licensing. For more information about EndNote™ and a quote, contact MCLS eLicensing and Collection Resources at or 517-939-1382.