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MCLS members: get a limited-time discount on the LibCal event registration software

With Demco’s recent announcement that it will discontinue D!Bs, Events, Room Reserve, SignUp, and Spaces, many libraries are desperately seeking an alternative room and event reservation system. MCLS Group Purchasing has worked out a deal with Springshare to help facilitate our members’ switch to a new software.

MCLS members are eligible for 15% off total LibCal and Module (Lending Hub and/or Mapping) list price for MCLS members through Dec. 1, 2023. Please note the following restrictions:

  • You must purchase LibCal and either Lending Hub or Mapping for a 15% discount, otherwise you will receive the standard MCLS discount.
  • The Lending Hub module includes both Equipment and Museum Passes & Tickets functionality.
  • The Mapping Module has two components: an annual fee and a one-time map creation fee. The discount applies to the annual fee only.

Take a look at the price example below:

LibCal base ($1099) + 20 Spaces ($899) + Lending Hub for 50 pieces ($699) = $2,697 x 15% discount = $2,292

Reach out to Group Purchasing for more information and quotes at services@mcls.orgNot an MCLS member? Join today so you don’t miss out on this deal!