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A new product is available through MCLS: New York Times | All Access

As of Sept. 1, MCLS is authorized to license a new product from the NYT: New York Times | All Access. We will still provide New York Times: News Access, which provides institutional access to and The New York Times News App. This includes global reporting, commentary, culture and much more, including audio and video, on both and the NYT news app for iOS and Android.

The following are FAQs about All Access:

What is included with New York Times | All Access?

Your subscription includes institutional access to New York Times: News Access plus New York Times Games, Cooking, Wirecutter, and The Athletic, including all websites and apps. Subscribers to All Access get to experience all of The Times’s digital products including:

  • News: global reporting, commentary, culture and much more, including audio and video, on and on the news app, which you can download for both iOS and Android.
  • Games: Spelling Bee, Wordle, an archive of over 10,000 crosswords and more.
  • Cooking: thousands of recipes, guides for all skill levels, plus advice and inspiration daily.
  • Wirecutter: independent product recommendations based on real-world testing.
  • The Athletic: in-depth, personalized sports coverage of your favorite teams and leagues.

Who is eligible for this new product?

Any new subscribing institution can select either The New York Times: News Access product or The New York Times | All Access.

When can existing subscribers gain access to this new product?

The NYT is currently working through an implementation plan to be able to transition existing News Access customers to the All Access product should the customer seek to upgrade at the time of their renewal. It is our understanding that NYT will offer All Access transition pricing to existing customers at their new renewal period, beginning in 2024.

What if my institution is in the middle of a multi-year agreement?

For existing subscribers with multi-year agreements for News Access, you may have the option to upgrade to All Access at the time of your annual billing. You must continue with your remaining multi-year term under the All Access product.

Why are we making this change?

There is strong demand from our members to have access to additional New York Times products. Given that our license was previously limited to the News Access product, members have either had to forgo these products or license them directly via the NYT. Our hope in making this change is that subscribing members will have the option to purchase one product in one place.

For more information and a quote, contact Group Purchasing at or 517-939-1382.