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LibKey: essential infrastructure for your library

The technology systems that libraries use can inadvertently create barriers to students and faculty connecting with important content. Having to navigate confusing link resolver menus, hitting dead ends due to OpenURL errors, and being unaware of available Open Access content are all common factors that can derail the research process. The result can be wasted researcher time, unnecessary library help desk and ILL requests, and general user dissatisfaction with library services.

LibKey, a new, AI-powered linking technology from Third Iron, creates fast, reliable, and context-aware linking that avoids these problems. LibKey delivers one-click access to millions of articles and is more reliable than OpenURL.

Additionally, LibKey is Open Access aware, linking to Open Access (OA) content even if the journal is not listed in your holdings report. By linking users to as much available content as possible, LibKey is a uniquely valuable tool for libraries having to cope with budget challenges, ensuring seamless access to as much full text as possible from any point of discovery.

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