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Cabell’s: the trusted source for journal discovery

We are happy to announce a new partnership with Cabell’s. Cabell’s Journal Whitelist is an independent, curated database of more than 11,000 scholarly journals across 18 disciplines, powered by a suite of insightful, citation-backed metrics. Search, filter, and compare journals to find the perfect outlet to submit research, review scholarly contributions, or gain accreditation. Cabell’s Journal Blacklist, currently listing nearly 12,000 publications, is the only searchable database of predatory journals and includes detailed violation reports for objective and transparent analysis. Be aware of exploitative operations that threaten to undermine quality research.

These resources provide the academic community with the intelligent data needed for better-informed journal evaluations. For more information or a quote, contact MCLS Group Purchasing at or (800) 530-9019 ext 401.