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2017 Membership Ballot: Slate of Nominees and Bylaws Amendments

The MCLS Board of Directors has accepted the Nominating Committee’s proposed slate of candidates for the five seats whose terms expire at the end of December 2017.

Electronic voting to approve the slate of candidates begins on September 18. All Member Representatives should receive an email on September 18 with voting instructions. Votes will be accepted via an online ballot. The voting deadline is 5pm Eastern on September 29.

Slate of Board Nominees

The following slate is presented to the membership for approval:

At-Large Library Representative (Michigan)
Kate Pohjola Andrade, Director, Woodlands Library Cooperative


  • B.A., Political Science (Public Administration), Central Michigan University
  • MLIS, Wayne State University

Work Experience:

  • 2013 to Current – Director at Woodlands Library Cooperative
  • 2011 to 2012 – Director at Ferndale Public Library
  • 2005 to 2011 – Director at Lapeer District Library
  • 1995 to 2005 – Library Technician, Branch Librarian and Branch Supervisor at Warren Public Library
  • 1995 – Library Technician at General Motors R&D Center Library
  • 1985 to 1995 – Page and Circulation Clerk at Berkley Public Library and Huntington Woods Public Library

Awards & Honors:

  • Selected for ALA Leadership Institute – 2016
  • Selected for MLA Leadership Academy – 2014
  • Inducted into Family Literacy Center of Lapeer Hall of Fame – 2007
  • Martin P. Luthy & David Lichwala Award from Michigan Jaycees – 2004
  • “Damage Noted: Journal of a Public Librarian,” published as chapter in Revolting Librarians Redux, (McFarland & Company, 2003)

Statement of Concern:
I have watched MCLS take the lead in training librarians how to reach out to their communities with the Harwood Institute model. I’ve seen the results of this, and how reaching out can positively impact communities, as many Woodlands members have taken advantage of the opportunities provided by MCLS. While the focus is on the collaborative’s membership, MCLS has become a role model for all libraries – the continual surveying of members, adjustments and consistent messaging has been fantastic. I’d like to see this continue, especially as I know MCLS is branching out into providing strategic planning services; I see MCLS as an organization that will continue to strengthen the profession in both states.

Research Library Representative (Michigan)
Arlene Weismantel, Senior Associate Director, Michigan State University Libraries


  • A.B. English, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • MILS, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Work Experience:

  • Senior Associate Director, Michigan State University Libraries, 8/2014 – present
  • Assistant Director, Michigan State University Libraries, 7/2009 – 8/2014
  • Head of Main Library Reference, Michigan State University Libraries, 3/2005 – 6/2009
  • Health Sciences Librarian, Michigan State University Libraries, 2/2000 – 2/2005
  • Acquisitions Librarian, Mayo Clinic Library, Rochester, MN, 1993-1996

Awards & Honors:

  • Chair, Administration Section, Michigan Academic Library Association, 2017-2018
  • Chair-Elect, Administration Section, Michigan Academic Library Association, 2016-2017
  • American Library Association, Reference Services Section, Organization and Planning Committee, 6/2016 – 6/2018
  • Association of Research Libraries Leadership Fellow, 2009-2010
  • President, Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association, 2005-2006

Statement of Concern:
MCLS allows member libraries to collectively negotiate with publishers to get the best possible prices and licensing terms on electronic resources that benefit the citizens of Indiana and Michigan. These resources broadly benefit our states and support everyone from entrepreneurs engaging in competitive intelligence research to nursing researchers to K-12 students. Without assistance from technologically savvy librarians, however, citizens may not be aware of the resources available or how to use them effectively. MCLS programming ensures that library professionals will have the most current knowledge of technology trends and resources. The ultimate goals are educated and fulfilled citizens and a vibrant economy.

School Library Representative (Michigan)
Terri Hart, Media Specialist, Franklin High School/Livonia Public Schools


  • English, University of Michigan
  • M.A. ED, English, Wayne State University
  • MLIS, Wayne State University

Work Experience:
I have been an elementary librarian as well as a high school librarian.

Statement of Concern:
I would like to see the job of Media Specialist return to more school districts in Michigan. I also would like to advocate for products and services that appeal to high school libraries.

Academic Library Representative (Indiana)
Matthew Shaw, Dean of Libraries, Ball State University


  • B.S. English, Ball State University
  • MLS, Indiana University
  • M.A. Executive Development for Public Service, Ball State University

Professional Experience:
I am a current member of the MCLS Board, Board Secretary of the Academic Libraries of Indiana, and a member of Resource Sharing committees for ALI and the Indiana State Library. I am a member of ALA and ACRL and serve on the LLAMA Emerging Trends Committee.

Statement of Concern:
I am interested in continuing service on the MCLS Board to advance the work of the Collaborative to facilitate library cooperation and innovation to engage and serve communities. I am invigorated by the work of MCLS and find particular strength in our service and work across library types.

Special Library Representative (Indiana)
Barbara Gushrowski, Manager, Library Services, Community Health Network


  • B.S. General Studies, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
  • MLS, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Work Experience:

  • Manager, Library Services – Community Health Network, Inc. , January 2014 – present
  • Assistant Librarian – Indiana University School of Dentistry Library, August 2005-January 2014
  • Assistant Librarian – University of North Carolina Pembroke, May 2003 – August 2005
  • Reference Librarian – Roche Diagnostics R & D, Mary 2000 – May 2003
  • Librarian – St. Vincent Hospital, December 1998 – May 2003

Awards & Honors:

  • Advancement of Health Information Management – Midwest Chapter MLA – 2001
  • Research Award – Building Competence: Self- and Peer-Evaluation of Information Resources by First Year Dental Students in a Problem-Based Curriculum – Midwest Chapter MLA Annual Meeting 2012

Statement of Concern:
I would like to see MCLS continue to expend its outreach and support to small and special libraries through more consortial purchase offerings; course offerings on topics such as systematic review processes, negotiating licenses, marketing to internal customers.

By-Laws Amendment

The ballot will also include a By-laws amendment to make the Indiana State Librarian a permanent member of the MCLS Board of Directors.

Background:When MCLS was formed in 2010, there were two permanent seats on the 16-member Board of Directors: one for the State Librarian of Michigan and one for the State Librarian of Indiana. At that time, the State Librarian of Indiana refused to take a seat on the Board of Directors and requested that the by-laws be amended to remove the seat from the Board. In 2011, the membership voted to comply with that request and amended the by-laws to remove the State Librarian of Indiana as a named and permanent member of the Board, but the number of Board seats remained at 16. The permanent seat was replaced by an Optional Seat that could be filled by the Board. In 2015, the Board invited the State Librarian of Indiana to fill the Optional Seat, and he accepted.

At the May 2017 meeting, the Board voted to recommend a by-laws amendment that would restore the State Librarian of Indiana as a permanent member of the MCLS Board of Directors. The election ballot will ask you to approve the by-laws amendment to make the State Librarian of Indiana a permanent member of the Board.

There are several sections that need to be modified to complete the amendment. Those sections are shown below:

Article IV — Board of Directors

Section 4.01 Composition
The Board of Directors shall consist of:

(A) Ten Board Members by type of library:

Academic (1 elected each from Indiana and Michigan)
Public (1 elected each from Indiana and Michigan)
Research (1 elected each from Indiana and Michigan ARL member libraries)
School (1 elected each from Indiana and Michigan)
Special (1 elected each from Indiana and Michigan)

(B) Four Board Members elected at large (2 elected each from Indiana and Michigan)
(C) Michigan State Librarian (Ex-officio & voting)
(D)Optional SeatIndiana State Librarian(Ex-officio & voting)
(E) Executive Director (Ex officio & non voting)

Section 4.02 Term of Office

(A) The Board members elected from each type of library, including At-Large Board members, to the Board of Directors shall serve three-year staggered terms. Members may revise the terms for seats on the Board of Directors at any regular or properly called membership meeting at which a quorum is present. An affirmative vote of two-thirds of the membership present and voting, excluding blanks or abstentions, is required.
(B) The Optional Seat may be filled by the Board of Directors from among member or nonmember libraries or other organizations and will serve a three-year term
(C) (B) The Executive Director shall serve, Ex officio and non voting, on the Board of Directors.

Section 4.03 Elections

(A) Elections

a. Member Representatives shall elect the Board of Directors except for the Ex officio and Optional seats.
b. Elections shall be conducted as follows:

1. The Board of Directors shall solicit nominations for elected positions from the general membership no later than July of each year.
2. The matter shall be referred to the Nominating Committee to choose a slate. The Committee shall recommend a slate to the Board of Directors prior to the summer meeting of that year.
3. The Board of Directors shall agree upon and approve a slate of candidates at the summer meeting.
4. The slate of proposed candidates shall be presented to the general membership in the fall of each year. Members shall vote by any means permitted under these Bylaws, as the Board so directs.

(B) Nominating Procedures

a. The Nominating Committee is an executive committee of the Board of Directors. Its chairperson shall be the Vice-President of the Board of Directors; its members are appointed in accordance with Article VI Section 6.01 (B). The term of office for the Nominating Committee is one year.
b. The Nominating Committee shall follow the nomination and election procedures established by the Board of Directors to name nominees for all Board of Directors positions.
c. All nominees for Board of Directors positions except for the Ex officio and Optional seats shall be Member Representatives or Alternates.