Explora Information


Explora is an interface that allows users to search multiple EBSCO eResources from one place at one time. MeL offers five different Exploras.

MeL has each Explora set up to search a specific set of EBSCO eResources. Each MeL institution can also customize their own Exploras via EBSCOadmin or by contacting View a full listing new-window-icon.png of the EBSCO eResources that can be added to the various Exploras.

Explora access via the Geo-IP URLs new-window-icon.png

Explora access via the Direct URLs new-window-icon.png


The MeL instances of Explora pull content from the following.

Explora for Educators

Explora for High Schools

Explora for Middle Schools

Explora for Primary Schools

Explora for Public Libraries