AV Policy Waiver Form

3.5 Requestable Materials

Participating libraries are required to make their circulating book collections available for loan. Special collections, including audio-visual collections, may be made available at the discretion of the supplying library. Participating libraries that wish to borrow audio-visual materials must make some portion of their locally circulating audio-visual collection available. Libraries with no locally circulating or otherwise restricted audio-visual collections may apply for a waiver of this requirement. Libraries are encouraged to be generous about lending their circulating materials.

Reasons to not lend AV, appropriate for waiver:

  1. AV collections are primarily for staff support or for curriculum support and course reserves and do not circulate to local library users.
  2. AV collections have use restrictions for local patrons due to funding.
  3. Library does not have AV collection.

Reasons to not lend AV, not appropriate for waiver:

  1. Charge rental fees to own patrons.
  2. High local demand, especially for the new AV materials.
  3. Cost of packaging and labor for shipping.
  4. Too many items are out on MeLCat loan at the same time.
  5. Concern about loss and damage/can't detect damage upon return.
  6. Expensive sets of DVDs are ruined if one disc is lost or damaged-it is ofen not possible to replace just the damaged disc.
  7. Materials gone too long, even with short MeLCat loan.
  8. Don't lend AV materials in traditional ILL either.

In the description field below, please explain why your library is eligible for a waiver for this policy.