MeLCat Training & Events

MeLCat Training

Any MeLCat library staff may sign up using the online registration system. Most of the MeLCat classes are FREE.

Archived MeLCat presentations and webinars can be found on the MeLCat Wiki. (Contact for password information.)

Contact for more information.

MeL and RIDES Training






Jul 6MeLCat Basics2pmMeLCat
Jul 8MeLCat Basics2pmMeLCat
Jul 21MeLCat Processing Policies & Procedures2pmMeLCat
Jul 28Everything You Need to be Doing as a DCB MeLCat Library2pmMeLCat
Aug 5MeLCat Reports10amMeLCat
Aug 11MeLCat: The Other Stuff 2pmMeLCat
Aug 19RIDES: When Things Go Wrong10amMeLCat, RIDES
Aug 24Lost in Translation: Mapping, Loading, and Deleting Data from DCB to MeLCat2pmMeLCat
Sep 8MeLCat Processing Policies & Procedures2pmMeLCat
Sep 15RIDES: When Things Go Wrong2pmMeLCat, RIDES
Sep 23The MeLCat Overdue Process10amMeLCat
Oct 6Everything You Need to be Doing as a DCB MeLCat Library2pmMeLCat
Oct 13MeLCat Cataloging 10amCataloging, MeLCat
Oct 21MeLCat: The Other Stuff 10amMeLCat
Nov 10The MeLCat Visiting Patron Service2pmMeLCat
Nov 18MeLCat Reports10amMeLCat
Dec 1The MeLCat Overdue Process2pmMeLCat
Dec 8MeLCat Processing Policies & Procedures2pmMeLCat
Dec 15Advanced MeLCat Cataloging10amCataloging, MeLCat