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Explore Nursing: Current Concepts & Practices from Films On Demand

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Find the most current video content to support nursing programs with Nursing: Current Concepts & Practices. Featuring videos from the past five years from trusted producers such as Elsevier, Medcom-Trainex, Cambridge Educational, and Medivision, this collection is tightly curated to help nursing students pass licensure exams and prepare for long-term job success in a complex health care system.

Housed on Films On Demand’s instruction-friendly platform, educators can create playlists, segments, and in-video assessments for classwork while students can enjoy unlimited, simultaneous access from the classroom, at home, or on the job. Infobase is offering MCLS members a substantial discount with subscription pricing under $3,000.

Contact MCLS Group Purchasing for a quote at or (517) 939-1382 today!