Project ReShare FAQ

What is Project ReShare?

Project ReShare is a new open source, community owned and driven resource sharing platform that is being built by a group of libraries, consortia, information organizations, and developers. More information is available at

Why is MCLS participating in this effort?

MCLS is participating in Project ReShare because we support innovation for libraries, and we believe ReShare is a new and innovative approach to resource sharing. We want to ensure that the ReShare development work takes into account the needs of a large, multitype consortium. We want to help develop a product that has robust integration with local library automation systems, as well as with other ILL products, and delivery systems. We want to help build a product that will provide libraries with the best experience possible – both for their patrons and for their library staff.

Is MeLCat going to change software?

At this time, there are no plans to change software.

Who do I ask if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact our Manager of Shared Library Systems, Megan Dudek (, with your questions. (Note that she will likely tell you that it’s too soon to answer many questions you may have.)