MeLCat COVID-19 Information

Resuming RIDES and MeLCat service

IP Change

MeLCat has migrated to new servers. Update connections and firewalls as required for your MeLCat library type.

Access for libraries using the DCB Client:

Access for Local Sierra libraries:

Access for Polaris libraries using the D2IR API:

Contact changes

Verify and update your MeLCat and RIDES contact information if necessary.
MeLCat Contacts list
RIDES Contacts list
We recommend that libraries have one contact using a generic email that is accessible by multiple staff. Email to report any changes.

Ready for RIDES

Complete the survey new-window-icon.png to let us know when library staff plan to be ready to receive RIDES service. This will help determine when RIDES service will begin.

RIDES no contact delivery spot

For the protection of both library staff and courier staff there will be no direct contact with RIDES delivery drivers.

Libraries that receive service from a local delivery system should verify those procedures.

Quarantine/cleaning information



Spray/wipe with either:

RIDES courier precautions

Ready for MeLCat

Complete the survey new-window-icon.png to let us know when library staff plan to be ready to begin MeLCat lending and borrowing.

NCIP and Polaris D2API users

NCIP and Polaris users can request a report from MeLCat help ( of borrowed items checked-in to allow clearing of any potential overdue fines assessed on their local system.

Visiting patron option

Libraries that use the MeLCat visiting patron option should decide prior to opening if they want to continue offering the service.
Contact if changes are needed.

Reports and Overdue Notices

It is going to take time for the suddenly stalled transactions to clear through the system. Do not process reports or overdue notices until further notice. Note that transactions involving schools closed for the summer will take longer to clear.

MSU statement on MeLCat billing pdf-icon.png

Patrons no longer near their home library

Libraries should contact their patron with these options for returning materials:

Your library may also receive boxes of materials from other libraries' patron. If that occurs:

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