MARC Records


eBook Collections

To order MARC Records for either eBooks collections, please see the EBSCO support page new-window-icon.png .


Visit Gale's MeL Support Site new-window-icon.png to retrieve MARC records for eBooks.

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)

MeL institutions can use Gale's MARC record generator to get their MARC records (with customized URLs), even if new eBooks are purchased individually.


  1. Go to Gale's MeL Support Site new-window-icon.png
  2. Enter in the name of your library or school.
  3. Click on the blue Click here to get your MARC Records.
  4. The MARC records page within the Gale Support site will display.
  5. To download the MARC records for all of your GVRL titles, leave the All eBooks selection next to the Merge Records by drop-down, and click on the Generate your Customized MARC Records link.

LearningExpress Library

To access and download the MARC records, please see the LearningExpress Library MARC Record pdf-icon.png instructions. Please contact the MeL Databases Support Staff if you do not know your MARC Access Key.