Recycle Or Sell EverYthing!

ROSEY Is an optional service available to RIDES participants.

Participation in ROSEY enables Michigan libraries to discard unwanted materials in a simple, low cost, environmentally-sensitive way. Items left over from book sales or weeded from library collections may be packaged and shipped via RIDES to be processed through a third party vendor for resale or recycle.

ROSEY is included as an option of RIDES participation; however a separate ROSEY participation agreement is required.

Cardboard cartons for shipping ROSEY materials are supplied by Better World Books. Submit a RIDES Assistance Form new-window-icon.png to request cartons.

ROSEY Participation Form


  1. The participating library agrees and ensures that all items shipped to ROSEY are intended to be discarded.
  2. The participating library agrees to process the items and ship according to the current ROSEY Procedures.
  3. All items shipped to ROSEY will be part of the ROSEY inventory that will be controlled by MCLS.
  4. The RIDES courier can deliver up to a maximum of 5 empty Better World Books boxes at a time.
  5. The RIDES courier will pick up ROSEY BWB cartons as often as possible, dependent upon the volume of RIDES materials.
  6. The ROSEY boxes (either empty or full) can only be delivered or picked up when the courier driver has room in the vehicle, regular RIDES items have a higher priority.
  7. The program is not designed for large volumes of material.
  8. Any financial gain from the third party vendor will be used by MCLS to subsidize the cost of shipping supplies for RIDES participating libraries.
  9. The service providers; MCLS, RIDES, the contracted RIDES courier, and ROSEY, are not liable for mislabeled, incorrectly packaged, or misdirected items.
  10. No replacement or reimbursement will be made by the service providers for incorrectly processed items.
  11. Libraries that produce a very large volume of materials may be asked to modify their participation.


  1. All items that are shipped to ROSEY via RIDES must be contained within a Better World Books cardboard carton that will be supplied to the libraries. Submit a RIDES Assistance Form to request up to a maximum of 5 cartons.
    • Items in envelopes, bags, plastic totes, or other containers will not be accepted.
    • Items that are not in a BWB cardboard carton will not be accepted.
  2. Item preparation
    • Process withdrawn library collection materials according to your local processes.
    • Remove all security locks from AV items.
    • Do NOT mark out or remove labels, except for what is part of your local deletion process.
    • Do NOT tear out pages.
    • Do NOT remove cases, cover art, or inserts from AV items.
  3. Shipping
    • Securely seal the Better World Books supplied cardboard carton with shipping tape.
    • The cardboard carton must not exceed 40 lbs.
    • Print a RIDES shipping label for 'ROSEY' from the current RIDES label maker new-window-icon.png.
    • Tape the RIDES label securely to the top outside of the BWB cardboard carton.
    • Have a designated spot for your RIDES courier to pick up ROSEY cartons indicated with this ROSEY signword-icon.png 


What happens to the things I send?

MCLS has contracted with Better World Books new-window-icon.png to process ROSEY materials. Better World Books (BWB) is a for-profit social enterprise and a global e-retailer providing products and information to socially conscious consumers. Better World Books collects and sells new and used books online matching each purchase with a donation, book for book, and with each sale generating funds for literacy initiatives in the U.S. and around the world.

Items that are not sold are donated or recycled. Once you send a carton to ROSEY, it becomes part of the ROSEY inventory with Better World Books and cannot be retrieved.

What can I send to ROSEY?

Better World Books presentation power-point-icon.png showing images of what is acceptable.

Books must be in salable condition - if you would not buy it, don't send it!


Books and monographs

Other media - only send complete disc sets, original case art, and unlock cases prior to sending.

Recycle or donate locally

ROSEY is not intended as a recycling center for libraries or library patrons. ROSEY hopes to benefit Michigan libraries by providing a means for libraries to discard their unwanted materials in a simple, low cost, environmentally-sensitive way.

How often can I send things?

BWB cartons prepared for ROSEY will be picked up and delivered to BWB via RIDES, so you may send things when you have RIDES service. The ROSEY boxes (either empty or full can only be delivered or picked up when the courier driver has room in the vehicle since regular RIDES items have a higher priority. If you have a large number of items, please call Better World Books directly.

What do I have to do to prepare things for ROSEY?

Process items being weeded from your collection as you normally would according to your local procedure (including marking out barcodes).

What does it cost to participate in ROSEY?

There is no additional cost for libraries to ship to ROSEY. Participation is included in your RIDES subscription; however a separate ROSEY participation agreement is required.

What happens to the profits?

All profits from ROSEY will be used by RIDES to subsidize the cost of shipping containers for RIDES participating libraries.

Where do I sign up!

Submit the ROSEY Participation Form