Feb 2018 MCLS Third Thursday Twitter Chat Podcasting at the Library

Programming Manager at Kent District Library (MI) Kip Odell chats about creating a podcast for the library.

  1. Podcasting at Your Library, 2/15/18 2pm East, Third Thursday Twitter Chat! Special guest Kip Odell, Kent District Library (MI) #MCLSchat https://t.co/M9wHshsyig
    Podcasting at Your Library, 2/15/18 2pm East, Third Thursday Twitter Chat! Special guest Kip Odell, Kent District Library (MI) #MCLSchat pic.twitter.com/M9wHshsyig
  2. We'll get started in a minute with our chat on Podcasting. Tell us who you are and where you're tweeting from. #mclschat
  3. Hi! I'm Martha and I'm tweeting from a foggy Nappanee, Indiana. #mclschat
  4. Hi. Michelle here chatting from soggy Mulberry, IN #mclschat
  5. #mclschat Hi Paula from ISL, but in home office in Marion, Indiana
  6. Judi Terpening from Jefferson County Public Library in Madison, IN #mclschat
  7. We're going to get started. Welcome Kip Odell, Programming Manager with the Kent District Library talking about podcasting. #mclschat
  8. Q1 What led to the Kent District Library having a podcast? #mclschat
  9. A1 KDL thought that podcasting would be a new way to connect programs that we were already doing, to our patrons in a new way. #mclschat
  10. Q2 Can you tell us a bit about KDLCast? #mclschat
  11. A2 It's a collection of audio podcasts that include our programs, interviews with library partners and librarian book talking. #mclschat
  12. Q3 What is your overall process of creating a podcast? #mclschat
  13. A3 We schedule them a month out. After recording, we edit, write up a summary, post it to the website & promote on social media. #mclschat
  14. #mclschat Annie from Grosse Pointe here. Do you use a hosting platform?
  15. We use SoundCloud to host all of our podcasts. We also post them to our website at  http://www.kdl.org/kdlcast  #mclschat
  16. Q4 How do you decide on the topics for your podcasts? #mclschat
  17. A4 For the Book Talk Podcast, we get librarians together each month to talk about a theme that we all have books to talk about. #mclschat
  18. A4 Our programs drive much of this & who we decide to interview. We do a lot of programming in series, so we focus on that theme. #mclschat
  19. We haven't run out of content yet. With new programs coming out & so many book topics to talk about that will not a concern. #mclschat
  20. #mclschat How many hours would you say it takes, per month, including editing and recording. And how big is the team that works on it?
  21. Our longer podcasts take about 2 hours to record, with another 2 hours or so to edit. #mclschat
  22. Do you do special segments that are recurring, if that makes sense, or ads of any kind? #Mclschat
  23. Our Book Talk Podcasts each end with a "What we are geeking out about" segment. Basically, we talk about current exciting things! #mclschat
  24. I'm the primary organizer and host and I bring it staff when I can. We have around 10 of us that participate in one way or another #mclschat
  25. Q5 How do you prepare before recording? #mclschat
  26. A5 Often, research is necessary before an interview. Setting up & testing the tech usually takes a few minutes, but is important. #mclschat
  27. A5 When talking books, it's crucial to talk through the process & get everyone comfortable before recording. #mclschat
  28. What software do you use for editing the recordings? #Mclschat
  29. What kind of response/usage do you experience? #mclschat
  30. We typically get around 50 listens for most of our podcasts. It can vary though. Our most popular (300+) was a band interview. #mclschat
  31. The “geeking out” segment sounds awesome #mclschat
  32. Q6 Would you tell us more about the recording and editing process? #mclschat
  33. A6 For recording, you want a mic for each participant. I also record on a portable recorder. #mclschat
  34. A6 I add a sound board when recording larger groups. #mclschat
  35. A6 I edit with Audacity, which is a free resource. It's fairly easy to learn & I just lightly edit the recordings. #mclschat
  36. Do you have a specific mic you use? Best brand? #mclschat
  37. We use Shure mics. They are pretty hardy microphones, so I chose them because I haul our equipment around a lot. #mclschat
  38. Q7 What's the most time-consuming part of creating the podcast? #mclschat
  39. A7 Planning ahead is the most time consuming part. In order to have a regular selection of new podcasts coming out takes work! #mclschat
  40. So do you record in a special room, or you travel and record wherever you are? #mclschat
  41. @laurashrti We record wherever! I avoid tiny rooms for echoing, but with decent mics it usually works fine. #mclschat
  42. @laurashrti And a somewhat quiet area works well too, but it doesn't have to be completely silent to sound okay. #mclschat
  43. @argyleavenger1 I do at least once a month. Doing a regular occurring podcast keeps people interested in your podcast. #mclschat
  44. A8 We use our blog and social media outlets. The blog is great for listing details & links of what we talk about in the podcast. #mclschat
  45. Q9 Was there anything you have changed or did differently from your first podcast to your latest? #mclschat
  46. A9 I don't know that I would change anything, but we realized that some of our programs are not as conducive to an audio podcast. #mclschat
  47. A9 So many of our programs have a visual element or lots of interaction with the audience that they didn't sound great on audio. #mclschat
  48. A9 Also, there will absolutely be trial & error when beginning to learn the tech and learn what sounds good on a podcast. #mclschat
  49. Q10 Were there any challenges you overcame (or are still overcoming) in creating your podcast? #mclschat
  50. A10 It took time to figure out what tech worked best for us & is cheap & portable. I do want to train more staff on the tech. #mclschat
  51. A10 We do want to update how we promote. We could use social media much more heavily, but feel like we need to do more. #mclschat
  52. A10 For equipment, we initially went with a portable recorder and 2 microphones and that was it, so it is cost effective. #mclschat
  53. A10 Later on, I added more mics so that we can have larger groups talk on mic. I also use a sound board that we already owned. #mclschat
  54. Can you give examples of programs that did not do well on podcast? #mclschat
  55. A10 Another option is to use a laptop and do it that way, but the portable recorder gives me a lot of flexibility. #mclschat
  56. @argyleavenger1 I was surprised that a couple of presentations didn't get any listens at first. #mclschat
  57. @argyleavenger1 Though when you build an audience it makes it easier to try new things. #mclschat
  58. @laurashrti Even though our equipment is fairly simple there is a learning curve. I think we mis-recorded a couple of programs. #mclschat
  59. Q11 Do you have a difficult time finding staff to participate? #mclschat
  60. A11 It was a little tough at first. Now that we have staff that enjoy it, word gets around and more staff will give it a try. #mclschat
  61. A11 This goes back to how intimidating mics are! However, people really do warm up quickly once they have a good experience. #mclschat
  62. A11 Also learned to be really clear about how it will run & give people a few minutes to chat & get comfortable before recording. #mclschat
  63. Q12 How do you measure the effectiveness of your podcasts? #mclschat
  64. A12 By how many people listen. Soundcloud tracks numbers. We do want to improve our # of listens & how many know about it. #mclschat
  65. A12 Consistency has been important. Also, it was nice to do a bunch & track the # of listens to see what our patrons are enjoying. #mclschat
  66. You mentioned improving how you promote, any idea what you’ll change? #mclschat
  67. For an area of improvement, I want to use Social Media much more to promote the podcast. #mclschat
  68. I want to connect more with authors and patrons through social media and really push the podcast that way. #mclschat
  69. Are there other libraries who are podcasting successfully that you know of? #MCLSchat
  70. I don't think I would change a lot. However, more of us doing the podcast here at KDL would be helpful. #mclschat
  71. I would also really, really love to do more types of podcasts, but we are happy with how it's been going. #mclschat
  72. @laurashrti I do find that a little surprising given how popular podcasts are becoming in almost every industry. #mclschat
  73. @laurashrti New York City Public Library has a robust podcast. When researching I found it's mostly large systems. #mclschat
  74. @laurashrti Greenwood Public Library (IN), Monroe County Public Library (IN)... #mclschat
  75. @laurashrti Lexington Public Library (KY), Louisville Free Public Library (KY) #mclschat
  76. That's all the time we have today. Thanks for a great chat everyone! #mclschat
  77. Next Chat Mar. 15, 2pm Creating Space for Community Engagement with Jodi & Lori from Oak Park Public Library. #mclschat
  78. Thank you, Kip for talking with us today! #mclschat
  79. #mclschat thank you! I just subscribed to your podcast on my phone :-)