Third Thursday Twitter Chat January 2018 - Human Library

Third Thursday Twitter Chat with Highland Lakes Librarian Allison McFadden-Keesling with Oakland Community College Libraries, Waterford, MI and Head of Adult and Teen Services Trisha Shively with Kokomo-Howard County Public Library, Kokomo, IN.

  1. The Human Library,  2pm EST today, Third Thursday Twitter Chat! Special guests Allison McFadden-Keesling, Oakland Community College and Trisha Shively, Kokomo-Howard County Public Library #MCLSchat
    The Human Library, 2pm EST today, Third Thursday Twitter Chat! Special guests Allison McFadden-Keesling, Oakland Community College and Trisha Shively, Kokomo-Howard County Public Library #MCLSchat
  2. We’ll get started in a minute with our chat about the Human Library. Tell us who you are and where you’re tweeting from. #mclschat
  3. Jim Ratliff, Kalamazoo Valley Community College Library #mclschat
  4. Michele Pratt, Delta College Library #MCLSchat
  5. A1 Started in Denmark in 2000. Instead of books, people marginalized by society, label themselves then are checked out. A1 Started in Denmark in 2000. Instead of books, people marginalized by society, label themselves then are checked out. #mclschat
  6. Q1: perhaps it's the sharing of ideas and stories from lived life by a mix of people #mclschat
  7. The Human Library is a place where real people are on loan to readers. #mclschat
  8. A1 Real conversations real connections break down barriers. Hard to discriminate against group when no longer faceless. #mclschat
  9. A1 A place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered. #mclschat
  10. A1 It is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. #mclschat
  11. Sharing knowledge & experiences to learn from each other #mclschat
  12. @mclsorg It is a program that we host bi-annually where students may "check out" a person with a unique life. It helps promote diversity, understanding and break barriers among our students and staff. #Mclschat #OCCollege
  13. Q2 Why did you become interested in having a Human Library? #mclschat
  14. A2 Simplicity. Not easy to host but concept is simple. Checkout your prejudice and change your perspective in 30 minutes. #mclschat
  15. A2 To promote dialogue and thoughtful discussion between diverse populations in a relatively monitored environment. #mclschat
  16. A2 I had heard of them several years ago and was very interested. It’s a way to bring a better understanding about others. #mclschat
  17. A2 I attended one at Purdue with my daughter and the takeaway we got from the event was amazing. #mclschat
  18. @mclsorg The #humanlibrary is a great way for our diverse student population to interact with marginalized people in our own community. We hope that these experiences stick with them and help make #OaklandCounty an even better place. #MCLSchat
  19. Q3 Would you walk us through the process of putting on a Human Library event? #mclschat
  20. A3 Info and apply at  Decide prejudices to address then recruit books. #mclschat
  21. A3 Takes 4-6 months to organize. Vet books carefully, 3-4 hours per potential book. #mclschat
  22. The vetting process I use includes a written application then #mclschat
  23. I spend at least 2-3 hours talking with the applicant. #mclschat
  24. The vetting process it the most time consuming part but also the most important. #mclschat
  25. A3 Get staff interested by sharing videos & talking about it, because you will need a committee. #mclschat
  26. A3 With committee, start coming up with a list of people who would be good books. #mclschat
  27. Make sure the human books understand the event and their role. I ask them tough questions in the vetting process so they're ready. #mclschat
  28. A3 - does anyone use an online/print application form for potential books to fill out? #mclschat
  29. I used an online form for them to fill out but it wasn't an application. Someone from the committee had already "vetted" them #mclschat
  30. @TrishaShively what info was on the form? what was it for - their title/description? #mclschat
  31. The form was to get the potential human book to think about why they wanted to do the event so they didn't come with an agenda and #mclschat
  32. Q4 Do you have any advice on how to find "books?" #mclschat
  33. A4 Identify need first then contact various associations (Alzheimer’s, SPECTRUM, Vets), Mosque, Synagogue, police; #mclschat
  34. A4 Also get leads from committee members, family and friends; or those contacts may even be a good book. #mclschat
  35. to have them write out their story to see if it fit in the "Pillars of Pejudice" and therefore be a good human book. #mclschat
  36. A4 Try to meet with each one prior to the event just to make sure you feel they are a good fit. #mclschat
  37. @acmcfadd This post reminded me of a recently retired police officer who would be an Human Library Book #MCLSchat
  38. Q5 Do you do any training with the "books" prior to the Human Library? #mclschat
  39. A5 Yes they complete an application which includes info about the org and event and allows them to really think about their story. #mclschat
  40. A5 Then 2-3 hour conversation to vet them (share info about HL, hear their story, create title/summary, role play being a book). #mclschat
  41. 1 hour prior to event we had the staff working the event check out one of the books, this was very helpful for everyone #mclschat
  42. It also allowed the books to get rid of their 1st time jitters #mclschat
  43. A5 Make sure they understand that this is not a venue to convert, give advice, etc. No soap boxes. #mclschat
  44. A5 - Anyone do training as a group or is it all individual? Sounds pretty time consuming if done individually... #mclschat
  45. @Holly_C I did my training as a group. It just wasn't logistically possible for me to do them individually #mclschat
  46. A5 I do it on an individual basis. I interview/vet but we do meet one hour before to chat and go over last minute details. #mclschat
  47. How many "books" is for each Human Library event? Anyone have same "book" for more than one event? #mclschat
  48. We had 21 books at our event. We did not have duplicate books but I would not be opposed. #mclschat
  49. Another is person with Alzheimer's and caretaker.Or a gay couple. #mclschat
  50. I also had a couple that were formerly homeless vets that were originally supposed to be a 2 vol but they both had unique stories #mclschat
  51. The number of books varies but usually around 25-30;schedule more as often 3-4 no-shows the day of as these are volunteers. #mclschat
  52. Q6 Are there rules of conduct for those checking out a "book"? #mclschat
  53. A6 Time limit 30 minutes checkout. Renew if no one is waiting. Only 1 title at a time. Ask any questions. Be polite. #mclschat
  54. A6 Return books in the same condition as they were at check out. No taking books home. #mclschat
  55. Q7 Can you talk more about the process of checking out a "book" at the Human Library? #mclschat
  56. A7 Encourage reader to select title of interest from diverse selection and read title and summary. #mclschat
  57. A7 Keep track of time; if reader is waiting for specific title, ask that book to wrap up at 30 min. #mclschat
  58. A7 Register and have patrons sign the “reader guidelines and rules” #mclschat
  59. A7 - should readers sign up for a book in advance or is it more of a drop in and wait your turn? #mclschat
  60. A7 - Anyone have more than 1 reader at a time for 1 book? #mclschat
  61. It depends on the book. Some books request only 1 reader at a time, others don't care.Readers sometimes want to go out alone for #mclschat
  62. privacy so they can ask questions confidentially and learn without another person there. #mclschat
  63. Some readers however are too shy and prefer to go out together. We limit our readers to one (depending on the book) or up to 3. #mclschat
  64. They did more than 1 reader at a time but the readers had to know each other. Example: couple, 2 friends, Mother/Daughter #mclschat
  65. Q8 What subjects have you included in your Human Library? #mclschat
  66. A8 Diverse collection including “eight pillars of prejudice.” Sex (ex. Transgender), Religion (Muslim), #mclschat
  67. A8 Health (Bipolar, Deaf), Occupation (Police), Lifestyle (Skater), Ethnicity, Social Status (Refugee), Political conviction #mclschat
  68. @mclsorg Representatives from various religions, a paraplegic, someone transitioning sexes, deaf individuals, etc. #MCLSChat
  69. Q9 Why do you feel holding events like Human Library are important? #mclschat
  70. A9 Ronni Abergel HL said it best, “How are we to understand each other, if we do not have the opportunity to talk to each other?” #mclschat
  71. People are less judgmental of those different than them if they have a personal connection to someone #mclschat
  72. Q10 What are some of the successes that you've had with the Human Library? #mclschat
  73. A10 “I just made a difference” - Formerly Homeless Vet who was a book #mclschat
  74. A10 Observed readers change their perspective after 1 positive conversation with someone who is different than they are. It works! #mclschat
  75. I had a staff member who was very skeptical of the concept. After the event she was ready to do it again. #mclschat
  76. @mclsorg We did one on one meetings for the Human Library and used the 8 pillars with people from our community. #MCLSchat
  77. Q11 Have you had any difficulties or things that you would do differently? #mclschat
  78. A11 Checkout should be 30 min not 15. Don’t move readers along too quickly. . #mclschat
  79. A11 Should be slow event to allow real conversations and connections. #mclschat
  80. @mclsorg It is always a popular event, however volunteers can be difficult to track down and sometimes we have no shows so our books are limited. #MCLSChat
  81. how did you spread the word about your event? #mclschat
  82. we put it in our newsletter that goes to all of our taxpayers, posters in local businesses, social media, bookmarks #mclschat
  83. We're a community college so I go to classes to promote the event telling them the titles. #mclschat
  84. We also advertise on our library homepage, flyers around campus and Facebook. #mclschat
  85. Q12 How can people hold their own Human Library? #mclschat
  86. A12 Start  Contact local HL hosts. Decide local prejudices; choose titles accordingly. #mclschat
  87. A12 Choose and vet books carefully. Takes time organizing but it’s worth it! #mclschat
  88. we had a green room for books that allowed them to take a break and eat when they weren't checked out #mclschat
  89. I would highly recommend that if at all possible to attend an event somewhere else. #mclschat
  90. A12 I would be happy to answer any questions. #mclschat
  91. This is Jan from @mclsorg. This topic is so fascinating! Was just telling my mom about it the other day, anticipating this chat. Sorry I came in late and so just observed, but thanks for all the insights! #MCLSchat
  92. Next chat Feb. 15 @ 2pm about Podcasting at the library with Programming Manager Kip Odell from Kent District Library #MCLSchat